In 3. The Mental Game of Pricing

What If It’s Easy?

A client asked the other day, How do I go from charging $125/hour to charging $200/hour? This is such a common question, right? You’ve probably asked it at some point, too.

Now that I’ve worked with so many people on their pricing, not to mention my own, my first thought in response was:

The way to go from charging $125/hour to charging $200/hour is to charge $200/hour.

That coach we were talking about earlier in the call — that one who charges $10K for 6 months of coaching, which breaks down to $833/hour, and you know this ’cause you did the math — how does she charge that much?

Um, she does.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t some kind of process to get there. But fundamentally:

What if it’s easy?

What if all that resistance, that fear that comes up when we think of increasing our price, is something we can acknowledge, then walk around?

What if we let our confidence, and our price, catch up with our impact?

Wouldn’t that feel so much better? We’ve all done the oh-my-God-this-shizz-is-scary-let-me-tense-all-my-muscles? We’ve done that. Why not try another way?



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