Do Your Thing provides financial intelligence to creative entrepreneurs in the form of bookkeeping, pricing & profit coaching. Our speciality is helping creative badasses feel confident about and in charge of their numbers, so they can get paid what they’re worth and build the lives of their dreams.

Do Your Thing is Ariane Trélaün & team.

Not your usual accountant (um, did you see the ink?), Ariane is devoted to teaching others how to read & understand the story their numbers tell, using this key data to make the best possible, most strategic decisions for their businesses. And pricing? Pricing is pretty much her favorite topic, since it so often holds the key to transforming struggle into ease.

In a sea of people who are focused on getting you to break 6 figures or 7, Ariane cares much more about how many of those dollars you actually get to keep.

And what kind of life you get to make. Which is why she’s all about owning Your Hustle to Chill Ratio – i.e., being the boss of how much you have to Hustle to earn some well-deserved Chill.

Interesting fact? Ariane didn’t start out expecting to be either in numbers or in business. Nope, her undergraduate degree is in Russian Language & Literature, and it was only after working in positions of increasing responsibility in the non-profit sector that she went back to school for her MBA. Name a finance-related title, and Ariane’s had that job, in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, for small and large businesses, local, national and international — Controller, CFO, Vice President of Finance & Administration, Treasurer.

When not nerding out on everything business, Ariane is busy loving life, whether it’s tending bees and chickens on her farmlet, training with her son and daughter-in-law for running races, hiking with her dog Mr. Burns and her sweetheart of 30 years, reading 52 books a year, writing, or just generally Instagramming everything. And look out, Insta: Ariane’s about to become a grandmother, so you better get ready. ;>

Do Your Thing thanks our on-going partners, whose tools make it possible to reduce the drudgery in your numbers so you can focus on what matters: life.

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