Pricing Ninja is Do Your Thing’s one-on-one pricing program for entrepreneurs and business owners, incorporating the best pricing strategies available customized to the needs of your particular business. The goal of our time together is to hone YOUR Pricing Ninja skills. Yes, we work together during the program to re-engineer your actual prices and put together an actionable revenue plan for you right now. AND we aim to leave you with the ability and confidence to continue pricing better on your own well into the future.

How Pricing Ninja Works

Pricing Ninja starts with a top-to-bottom review of your business’s current and past financials and business model. This review quickly surfaces challenges as well as opportunities, and illuminates areas where your pricing, adjusted strategically, can make a big difference, allowing you to do less and earn more. The point? For you to Hustle less, Chill more.

Pricing Ninja takes a total of 4-8 weeks, depending on progress through the workload & the timing of calls. Other than the calls, the burden on you, the Client, is probably a few hours of review and consideration between calls. What you put in what you get out. ;>  Additional time, accountability and implementation support are available at the Master and Sensei levels (more info below, keep readin’!).

What Pricing Ninja Does for You

Pricing is really and truly one of the hardest parts about being an entrepreneur. Pricing is subjective and squishy, and trying to come up with prices for our products and services has a tendency to bring up all of our self-doubt. Yeah, AND there’s generally not one right answer, either!

A lot of us deal with that discomfort by pricing low. By pricing low, as I like to say, to avoid the No. In our eagerness to get people to Yes and avoid icky questions or “push-back,” we go low. And short-change ourselves.

It makes total sense. Really, it does. After all, did anyone ever teach us how to do this?

That’s where Pricing Ninja comes in. The program is designed to start from the reality of how your business is actually doing now, what your prices, services, offers are right now, fold in practical, accessible (& dare I say, FUNNY?) training on how to price well – including tons of practical strategies, examples, stories, oooooh and price psychology, my favorite, en route to up-doing your very own pricing. For now. For good.

No more throwing pricing-spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Pricing Ninja replaces random acts of pasta with know-how, strategies, confidence.

‘Cause why? ‘Cause you’re a Pricing Ninja.

What Pricing Ninja Costs

Pricing Ninja comes in three flavors, as below. The Sensei and Master levels add on extended accountability and implementation support, on top of more comprehensive training, analysis and plans, which can make the difference between improving your pricing and hitting it out of the park. Great results are possible at all levels. The choice is yours.

Because Do Your Thing practices values pricing, the only price provided below is a STARTING AT price for the Ninja level. This gives you a sense of the minimum it costs to get in on Pricing Ninja. Your business is unique, your pricing will be, too, as will what’s included in your particular package.

Pricing Ninjas Say:

  • Ariane is this strategic, tactical angel-power pricing warrior and our work together gave me a sense of clarity and alignment about my business that was completely new and refreshing to me. Most importantly, the work we did together didn’t just impact the bottom line of my business (I made $25K when I launched my signature program the month after our sessions). It was a major paradigm shift around my personal economy and earning power that will impact my business and my family for years, if not generations.

    Laura Wagner Laura Wagner Life Coaching
  • I have already begun charging clients more and have been feeling so much more confident in my overall business prowess. I also feel much more comfortable with the No’s, too. Which is key to preserving my time and setting my sights on the clients I want to target and work with… The information on Pricing mechanics was brilliant. It has really shifted the way I am strategizing around fees and business in general.

    CD Landscape Architect