How Total BOSS Works

Total BOSS includes monthly reconciliation of your business’s accounts and the creation of annotated reports to deepen your understanding of the state of your finances. Total BOSS includes one-on-one monthly Zoom sessions in which we go over your results in detail on screen, talk through any challenges or opportunities in your numbers, show off the many awesome features of the technology we use to reduce drudgery in your data, and to set targets and make plans.

Throughout our work together, I serve as your cheerleader & guide, partnering with you to increase your skill and confidence with your financial data and help you truly CEO your business.

For businesses in growth mode or seeking to expand their access to financial intelligence, additional services, higher-level analysis and more frequent contact are available at the MONEY and VIP levels (more info below, keep readin’!).

What Total BOSS does for you

Do Your Thing works primarily with creative women entrepreneurs, not one of whom started her business because she was dying to do bookkeeping. Nope, our clients are all people like you who had a vision of something they just had to create. Numbers just come with the territory.

Perhaps you’ve been muddling along doing it yourself. [Or not doing it. No worries. Believe me, you’re not alone. And this is a totally shame-free zone.] Perhaps you’ve had a bookkeeper helping you out.

And yet, perhaps there’s still a piece missing.

That piece? I mentioned it above: financial intelligence. This, fundamentally, is what Total BOSS does for you. Yes, it delivers clean books and a much easier time dealing with your tax preparer at year-end, but more than that: it delivers steady intelligence about your numbers, increasing your financial savvy and confidence with your data as we go.

So YOU can be the Total BOSS.

What Total BOSS Costs

Total BOSS comes in three flavors, as below – i.e., three levels of support. What’s included will vary to some extent, based on YOUR needs.

BOSS gives you everything you need to have reconciled books on a monthly basis, plus my support in the form of a monthly Zoom and emails whenever you want. The VIP and MONEY levels add on extended accountability and day-to-day support, in the form of more services and more frequent contact. VIP is basically Do Your Thing functioning as Chief Financial Officer and accounting department, covering every aspect of the financial reality of your biz, and participating as a key strategic partner in the present and future of your enterprise.

Because Do Your Thing practices values pricing, the only price provided below is a STARTING AT price for the BOSS level. This gives you a sense of the minimum it costs to get in on Total BOSS. Your business is unique, your pricing will be, too, as will what’s included in your particular package.

All Total BOSS engagements also include the generation of 1099s in January, and liaising with tax preparer at tax-time and throughout the year as needed.


1Standard Monthly Report Package includes Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable Summary, Owner Draw/Compensation, Profit & Loss by month, Profit & Loss compared to prior year, detail on any accounts requiring additional data. Customized Reports typically include any specialized reports, models, budgets required to assist in strategic decision-making for the company, such as Profit & Loss by project/program, Budget to Actual reportss and the like.

2Ongoing training in QBO is delivered via the Monthly Calls and supplemented by custom video content recorded by Do Your Thing.

3Software Subscription costs are included in monthly fee. Cost of is included at MONEY and VIP levels for Accounts Payable Processing. The cost of payroll processor remains Client responsibility. Gusto is our payroll processor of choice!

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