In 1. Managing Your Biz Numbers

Practice Makes Powerful

Now (no matter what month it is!) is prime time for reviewing your financial performance this year so far, for making sure all your little duckies are in place ahead of the next tax season. This is the best time, the right time, to take any lessons learned from last year’s (grueling) tax experience and make sure you’ve integrated them into this year, while there’s still time to make a change.

This is a review you can do quarterly, but the truth is that these are good questions no matter when you’re looking at your numbers. This review is designed to help you get at the MEANING of all those digits.

Because honestly that’s the point. What the numbers actually MEAN. What story they’re telling.

This review is ideal for people who are doing their own bookkeeping. Don’t get me wrong: there’s SO much value in having an extra set (or two) of expert eyes on your financials with you. SO much value to be gained. That said though, I know doing your own books is a necessity for a lot of people. But truth is, even if you’ve delegated your books to a trusted employee or contractor, anyone and everyone can benefit from having the opportunity and the tools to be introspective about their digits, to build up that numbers-muscle over time.

From personal & professional experience i know that, when it comes to your numbers, practice makes permanent. 

Practice makes powerful.

To download the first part of the Financial Review, click here. A couple of notes:

  • The downloadable is a PDF that just covers the first part of the Review: Income. It’s light on bells & whistles (coming later), so you may want to print it and work through by hand.
  • To make the most of this experience, please have current and accurate info about your financials this year on hand, as well as access to your 2019 and 2020 numbers, too. Being able to make comparisons to prior years makes the exercise more meaningful.

Remember: practice makes powerful. Get powerful!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Always happy to assist. Part 2 coming soon.



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