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No (Better) Time: RIGHT NOW

You know you can start over anytime you want, right? You don’t have to wait for a new year, new school term, new planner, new Pee Chee. Nope, you can start over whenever you choose.

Even now.

I know the temptation’s always there to let the re-start wait ‘til the morning, ‘til Monday, ‘til next month, next quarter, next year, but truly, you can start over in this very moment. Commit or re-commit yourself to whatever matters most to you. Jettison the shit that’s holding you back. Clean the slate. Stand back up. Go again.

The peculiar gift of living during a pandemic — of still having whole and healthy lungs, of having so far escaped (through your actions or pure dumb luck) the rampant loss & grief & death  — is that it makes all the more obvious the particular gift of The Right Now.


So go on. If you’re waiting for the “right time” to do what you’ve always dreamed of, THIS IS IT. It’s the only time that matters, the only time in which you actually have agency.

Woah, heavy, right? And also, the most liberating thing ever.

I bet you already know what that thing is that you’ve been saying you want for so long, that thing that pops up in the middle of night — the book, the program, the project, the art, the fitness, the adventure — that thing that has had a hold on you for so long. 


And ‘cause you know I am always out here walking my talk, I am doing the same, devoting myself with renewed fervor to busting past my limiting beliefs, putting myself out there like I have been nervous to do to date, serving at a higher level, from a deeper integrity and sense of purpose than ever before. 

If i can help you in any way, say the word. Always on hand to assist you to Do Your Thing.


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