In 1. Managing Your Biz Numbers

Be Prepared to Spend Good Money

A client emailed with a question. She has been interviewing for a position she needs to hire, someone to help guide her to another kind and level of earning, that has the potential to take her business way beyond the hourly hustle for dollars. This is potentially a huge deal for her.

The person she liked the most out of everyone she spoke to, the one she felt the most comfortable with and confident in, dropped a detailed proposal on her, with what seems like a big-ticket price tag attached.

Cue the heart attack.

The problem with trying to hire someone to do something you don’t know anything about, is that you won’t have any idea what that expertise costs, right? You’ll be in the little box in your head that you made up, and operating inside those conditions when it comes to dollars and possibility. Uh, this happens to me all the time, from the “other” side, that people reach out and want their books cleaned up and a clear path & partner set for them so that they can (a) understand what the heck is really going on in their business (the numbers are magic like that), and (b) chart a clear path forward. But in their heads, they’ve determined that to do this should only cost $200. I don’t know why, it’s just something we all do. And the hold that arbitrary number we’ve assigned is powerful.

AND i am convinced that as women business owners, we need to jump MORE, risk MORE, spend (strategically) MORE. Yes, we need to make wise, data-informed decisions AND we need to crush the scarcity thinking that not only keeps us from supporting other women business owners charging the right price to help us dial this shizz in better AND that keeps us operating small.

Want expertise, so you can really deliver your best work at the highest level to the right people? Be prepared to spend good money.

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