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2021: Good Company

WOW, did you ever imagine the first week or so of 2021 would go down like it did? Personally, I’m still reeling from what we witnessed on January 6th, and trying (slowly) to wean myself off CNN, which I admit I’ve been mainlining for days now. 

What I’ve been thinking so much — along the lines of a 2021 word or mantra or organizing principle — is two words: “good company.” Partly inspired by the great John Lewis and his “good trouble,” i have been thinking about how what matters to me so much, especially now, is to KEEP GOOD COMPANY.









Good Company means that Do Your Thing works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who are doing work that we believe in, that in our work we are keeping good company with good business people, with big hearts and big visions and big agendas to make their mark, change the world, and build their definition of success. It’s a delight to serve such good company.

Good Company also means that Do Your Thing itself is growing into a good company, one that values & elevates its staff, prioritizes personal growth, and encourages active participation in the society we live in. This little good company was proud to make a sizable (for us) 2020 contribution to Know Your Rights Camp, founded by Colin Kaepernick, a big-time hero of mine. Thanks to our payroll provider, Gusto, Do Your Thing now matches contributions to charitable organizations made by Do Your Thing’s devoted crew: Suzanne, Heather, LeWahn, Carrie and Lindsay. And we want to do more.

Do Your Thing’s staff, too: Good Company

Good Company also means we assemble the very BEST accounting & tax prep professionals, tools, and service providers, and actively look to partner with people who share our commitment to social justice. All in the interest of building good companies all around us.

Finally, I realized over the past couple of days that Good Company is also why it simply isn’t possible for me to only talk about purely-business topics here, on the blog or over on Instagram. There are businesses out there who have still been sending out the same scheduled promotions and emails and posts, with no reference to the times we’re living in. Good for them! But me? Do Your Thing? That’s not our deal. Good Company is not about that ole either/or, the “work you” vs the “real you.” Good Company is about what’s REAL, the whole messy glorious truth of the business & lives we’re building. Together.

Do you have a word or mantra or organizing principle for this year? I’d love to hear it!




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