Pricing Ninja

Working your a$$ off and still feel broke?

Your small business is going great. You’ve got clients, you’re in demand, you’re a-Hustling. But where is the money?

Psssst: it’s your Pricing. And you can fix that.

Pricing Ninja Solo

Introducing: Pricing Ninja SOLO

Pricing Ninja SOLO is your on-line training ground to develop your very own Ninja-level pricing skills. This brand-new DIY on-line program will teach you to Ninja your very own prices, slicing through the obstacles that are holding you back. 

Say YES to ease in your schedule, profit in your business, cash-dollars in your bank account. Yessssss.

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What is Pricing Ninja SOLO?

Pricing Ninja SOLO is a DIY pricing kit designed to take you on a deep dive into your existing business and help you create a holistic coherent business model containing your right products at your right prices for your right clients. SOLO includes:

  • 6 self-paced classes, including instructional recording & custom-built worksheets, covering the following areas.
  • Class 1: Purpose and Power – getting clear about what you really want from your business, what its purpose is for others and for you. 
  • Class 2: Numbers and Niches – taking a deep dive into what’s happening in your business numbers and what your particular zone of genius is. 
  • Class 3: The Nitty Gritty of Your Right Now – breaking down your current Business Model, piece by piece, so you can really see what you’re selling, to whom, for how much. 
  • Class 4: The Magic, part I, Gaps and Opportunities laying out the elements of your current Business Model, along with any new product ideas and data you’ve mined from the first three classes. What’s missing? What’s next?  
  • Class 5: The Magic, part II, Clients and Pricing – ensuring that in all of this we’re not forgetting about your ideal client and their particular Customer Journey, identifying ways you can serve with the right products at the right prices.
  • Class 6: Your New Ninja’ed Plan & Pricing – getting down to the Big Kahuna, putting together your revised Business Model and pricing to get you to your right work.
  • Bonus Recording and Worksheets, including:
  • The Mental Game of Pricing
  • How to Price your New Product/Offering
  • Why You Need a VIP/Premium Offer
  • Membership in private Pricing Ninja SOLO Facebook group, to bring in a community element to this Ninja journey you’re on, deliver more support and camaraderie as you hone your skills.

Pricing Ninja works!

“My decision to do Pricing Ninja with Ariane was one of the most significant and transformative decisions I’ve made in the four years I’ve spent building my coaching business. She’s this strategic, tactical, angel-power pricing warrior and our work together gave me a sense of clarity and alignment about my business that was completely new and refreshing to me. Most importantly, the work we did together didn’t just impact the bottom line of my business (I made $25K when I launched my signature program the month after our sessions); it was a major paradigm shift around my personal economy and earning power that will impact my business and my family for years, if not generations.” —Laura Wagner, Laura Wagner Life Coaching

“I highly recommend Pricing Ninja for every single entrepreneur out there. Trust me, picking a number out of thin air because ‘it sounds good to you’ is not the method you want to use. This is required training for anyone who needs to come up with prices for their services or products. — Rachel Rodgers, Rodgers Collective, Small Business Bodyguard

Want mad Pricing Ninja skills of your own?

Fix your pricing, RULE your business!

Your Ninja in Chief

Ariane Trelaun is the founder and CEO of Do Your Thing, which provides numbers-based coaching to entrepreneurs ready to next-level their businesses.

Ariane specializes in training small business owners, especially coaches and creatives, to read and understand their financials, so they can use them to drive to greater success. 

Pricing Ninja is a production of Do Your Thing. 2016.

Pricing Ninja Solo

Pricing Ninja SOLO is coming!


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