Hustling ‘round the clock and still barely making it?
Maybe your pricing is the problem.

Launching a business requires vision and enthusiasm and, let’s face it, a lot of work. It’s Hustle, & plenty of it. In the early years, all that Hustle is normal. After all, you’re testing, you’re proving your concept, you’re learning your way. And after all that, the good news is that your idea is clearly working: you’re selling, you’re earning. People are picking up what you’re putting down. It’s awesome.

And yet.

Is some or all of this also true for you?

  • You feel like your time is not your own.

  • You spend a lot of time and energy running around, switching between clients and tasks.

  • You have clients who fail the groan test – you know what I mean: you see their email or their number pop up on your phone, and you groan.

  • You don’t feel as inspired and creative as you used to.

  • You love this life you’re making and damn it,

  • You’re tired.

You, my poor dear, are all Hustle. And too little Chill.

There’s generally a pretty simple reason why: your pricing. Most of us start out pricing on the timid side. We want to make those first few sales, we’re not yet sure of our value, we feel inexperienced compared to everyone else out there. We go out soft as we’re testing out our own voices, our own ideas.

Problem is: that timid start can cripple you down the line. It can keep you working your ass off, wowing your customers and still crying over your bank balance.

It’s time to change all that.

Enter your friendly neighborhood Pricing Ninja.

Revamping your packages and prices is the fastest way to adjust your Hustle to Chill ratio. When you price your services right, you buy yourself more time to build your business, to delegate to people you’ve hired and/or contracted, to say bye-bye to the wrong clients and work, and Hellloooo to the good stuff.

Hello to space. Hello to time. Hello to success on your own terms.


“My Pricing Ninja session with Ariane was everything I wanted and more! The amount of clarity I got about my numbers in 90 minutes is unreal, people. Unreal! I now have a clear understanding of the mistakes I was making when pricing my programs and am confident I have the right prices on all of my current offers. I highly recommend Pricing Ninja for every single entrepreneur out there. Trust me, picking a number out of thin air because “it sounds good to you” is not the method you want to use. This is required training for anyone who needs to come up with prices for their services or products. “

Rachel Rodgers, Rodgers Collective



Pricing Ninja was designed to help you take your game to the next level with the help of someone who’s been there/done that with dozens of businesses.

Pricing is hard. And scary for most of us.

Pricing brings up all kinds of issues. About self-worth. About confidence. About vulnerability and exposure and risk. But with a little help, you can kick all that in the ass and move boldly forward. Get it done faster & more efficiently by enlisting a Pricing Ninja with over 20 years experience in financial management, strategy and business development. 


What I loved about the [Pricing Ninja] session itself was the breakdown of how much time I was really spending with clients and how much I was charging for those hours. It really simplified it for me. I appreciated Ariane’s recommendations and her supportive, non-judgmental style. Saying my new pricing out loud to Ariane helped me to take action the next day! I would highly recommend this pricing session to others who are ready to OWN the worth of their services in new ways. Ariane provides the perfect mix of CFO knowledge and gentle/wise counsel to help business owners get to the next level!

Johanna Beyer, On Your Path Consulting


Together we’ll tackle where you are right now with your pricing and devise a plan to boost your revenue by refining, aligning, streamlining your offerings. By reviewing your actual financial position and offers + using great tools from Tara Gentile’s Quiet Power Strategy arsenal, we’ll wrangle that Hustle into its place, make sure there’s some much needed Chill in your schedule.

Your pricing is the key.
Price your services right and unlock the business and life you want.

Pricing Ninja is delivered in two 90-minute sessions, with a check-in 30-minute session a month later. You’ll leave with a revamped business model, including re-designed pricing, engineered to get you where you really want to be.

Is 2016 the year you finally Hustle Less & Chill more? Let’s fix your pricing right now, so you’re doing the right work for the right people at the right price, with time to spare.  What to do with that extra time?  Use it for building your business into something bigger and/or lounging on the beach–your choice!

Don’t delay. Your Chill is waiting.

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