Ask the Pricing Ninja

Thursday, June 9th, 10am PT

When it comes to setting prices for our services, we suddenly come face-to-face with a whole lot of “stuff” that’s uncomfortable. Like, um, self-worth and that kind of thing. And besides that, where’s the dang rule book for this stuff? Could someone just tell me the right answer?!

That’s the deal: when it comes to your pricing, you are the decider. You get to figure out what number to put on this amazing work you do, this life-changing service you are offering the world, this transformation. That’s a lot of power.

And also: hard.

It might just be the hardest part of putting yourself out there in business, the way in which you make yourself most vulnerable AND the way in which you are your very bravest, most confident, head high, knowing that what you are selling is gold. With a price to match.

Where to start? How to adjust course? How to do it right? You’re not alone.

Everybody has questions about this.



On this free webinar designed for coaches and creatives, we’ll tackle some of the common questions that come up over and over in my work with people on their pricing. Questions like:

  • Should I put my prices on my website?
  • How much should I look at the “competition” when I’m setting my price?
  • How do I raise my prices without alienating my die-hard, been-with-me-since-the -beginning-of-time clients?
  • What’s the magic formula for setting my price?
  • My hourly rate needs to come up, like, 300%. How’m I supposed to do that?


If you have a specific question, please do drop it in the “What’s YOUR big question about pricing?” box on the registration page, and let’s get to it!


BONUS: Two special people will have their specific question workshopped on this webinar! if you’d like to be 1 of them– i.e., let’s talk about your specific quandary live, share the process and the details with other participants {deep breath, no one is gonna force you to karaoke} – make note of that in the pricing question field, and the Pricing Ninja will be in touch.

Speaking of which…


Ariane Trelaun is the founder and CEO of Do Your Thing, which provides numbers-based coaching to entrepreneurs ready to next-level their businesses. She specializes in training small business owners, especially coaches and creatives, to read and understand their financials, so they can use them to drive to greater success. Through her 1:1 coaching offering, Pricing Ninja, she helps business owners re-engineer their business models and prices to line up the value of their offerings with the price to the customer. And make more money. Ariane also co-hosts, with Rachel Rodgers, the weekly podcast, Your Business Is Your Life.


Don’t miss out. Even if you can’t attend the live webinar, be sure to RSVP
and we will email you a recording once it’s ready!

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