Listen: we know you didn’t get into business because you wanted to do bookkeeping. Nope. You had a vision. You had a dream. Numbers, we know, feel like a necessary evil.

Guess what? You don’t need to feel bad about them, hide from them or avoid them.

Do Your Thing is here to help you harness the tremendous power in numbers and be the best CEO you can be. All our bookkeeping services are custom-designed with business owners in mind, to suit the needs you have, so you can tame the lions & tigers in your particular circus.

Total Boss Bookkeeping

Total BOSS is Do Your Thing’s ongoing monthly program. Yes, it’s bookkeeping, but it’s bookkeeping PLUS the financial strategy you need not just to understand your numbers but also to use those digits to create success in your business, on your terms. This ain’t just bean-counting, yo. This is training you, this is liberating you once and for all from all that money shame/weirdness you’ve been carrying around. It’s, um, making you the Total BOSS.

Pricing Ninja

Pricing is the single most effective way to change everything in your business, and is so often the source of most of the problems you’re dealing with in your day-to-day.

Pricing Ninja is a one-on-one consultation, as well as an online group course, designed to hone your very own pricing ninja skills. No more pricing low to avoid the No. ‘Cause you’re a Pricing Ninja.

QBO Set-up/Clean-Up

Do Your Thing also offers short-term, project-level assistance with getting you set up in Quickbooks Online, or whipping your numbers into shape at tax time or when you need reports to support financing needs.

Of course, we LOVE working with people long-term and offering bookkeeping services for small business – and also recognize that sometimes you don’t need that. Let us help you get ready.


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Working with DYT has unquestionably helped me grow my confidence, my business structure and my bottom line. My business is unrecognizable to what it was 3yrs ago. DYT is next level book-keeping for professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to growth – on all sides. This is not just about managing your numbers and making sure bills are paid. It is about organizing your business and making it more profitable. It’s about strategy. Moving through road blocks. Pushing yourself in a supportive environment to run a more successful and profitable enterprise. It’s someone to lean on, that you can ask questions to when you’re unsure about business decisions, accounting queries, how to value your time/ how much to charge (spoiler – the answer is always more than you are now). It just works. Trust me.

Christian Douglas

Owner, Christian Douglas Design

If you’re looking to find a numbers team to help manage, guide and keep you organized from a heart-centered space, DYT is the team you want on your side. If you are a unicorn, creative being and want to get a better handle on your money situation without feeling overwhelmed and judged, DYT is for you! No kool aid drinkers here, just creative beings who want to level up! You’ll be doing yourself and your business a favor- use your creative energy where it belongs and let Ariane and her team do the rest. It’s an invaluable service and I cannot imagine my business without DYT! That’s the 100% TRUTH. I love and appreciate you, Ariane! Thank you for doing what you do, ‘getting me’ and for guiding me through a new way of relating to my numbers and keeping my records straight! You’re the best!

Chief of Wellness, Conscious Beauty Coach at Missy Moran Studios

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